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A Little More About Me

If you’ve made it here I’m happy to tell you more about myself! Early in my life, around my high
school years I was in therapy for the divorce my parents were going through. I was seeing two
therapists at the time, both parents wanted separate therapists. One was great and I opened
up a lot with them on what was troubling me. The other one, not so much, and gave me the
arrogant idea that if this person could become a therapist than surely I could as well and be
better one at that.
Younger me was humbled very quickly as I learned more about the profession that I wished to
pursue. I received my bachelor in Psychology and Criminology from Texas Tech University (GO
Red Raiders!). My training in counseling comes from Our Lady of the Lake University where I
was able to participate in their amazing marriage and family therapy program. Their programs
informed how I had always wanted to handle therapy with the various approaches they taught

My Approach 

I utilize Narrative Therapy and Solution Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) as the foundations for
my therapeutic approach. I believe they offer a concise approach to therapy that allows me to
work together with my clients to develop the best solutions for them. Narrative Therapy in short
allows me to listen to my clients stories from an outside perspective. I then help my clients
regain control of the challenges they face and help them manage these challenges. In turn
SFBT allows us to focus on finding the best possible solutions to any challenges my clients
face. The greatest part is that these methods work great for families, couples, and individuals.
I’m mindful of my clients time and believe that therapy should not be something that last years.
It’s my hope that we can accomplish the goals you set out to achieve in a timely manner. I do
this in conjunction with my sliding scale for my private pay clients. Although it might not be the
best for my practice, I want to make sure sessions do not cost my clients a lot and that we
work through therapy promptly for your benefit.

If you’ve stayed with me this long through all of this, I thank you for taking the time to read it. I
hope we get to work together in the future to achieve the goals that you set out to accomplish
in therapy.
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